✡︎ Plain Color

✡︎ Fluorescent

✡︎ Metallic

✡︎ High Heat

✡︎ Zinc Rich

✡︎ Paint Remover

Comma has been in the spray paints industry for more than 13 years. THIS® features colors, good adhesive, temperature resistance, and commit to quality control.

We are also serving clients to develop their private label and help them to achieve a great success.


✡︎ Plain Spray Paint

✡︎ Fluorescent Spray Paint

✡︎ Metallic Spray Paint

✡︎ High Temp Spray Paint

✡︎ Zinc Rich Spray Paint

✡︎ Paint Remover

Plain Color

The regular color spray paint could be used to almost every scenes, as a quick solution without equipments.

We make THIS® brand, and we make OEM(private label).

You may want to know what size, content weight, quality and other details. Why not click and talk to our sales representatives? We’re available 7×24.


Fluorescent Color

The fluorescent spray paint with fluorescent pigments (hypnotic) features bright glowing colors to advertising signs, displays, sports equipment, etc.

Metallic Color

The metallic spray paints work on diverse surfaces including wood, plastic, metal, brick, concrete and vinyl.

High Temperature Resistance

Use the high temperature spray paint on metals that needed. For example, BBQ stove, Motorbicycle exhaust pipe, brake calipers…

It has limited color options.

Zinc Rich Anti-Corrosion

The Zn96 zinc gold gal aerosol spray paint provide upt to 15 years anti-corrosion protection for important steel structure or where it is needed.

Paint Remover

THIS® paint remover removes paint efficently. Visit our YouTube Chanel to watch a video how it works.