Diesel Injector Cleaner

Diesel Injector Cleaner


Diesel injector cleaner is a chemical additive that is designed to clean and improve the performance of diesel engine fuel injectors. Fuel injectors are responsible for delivering fuel to the engine in precise amounts, and over time they can become clogged or otherwise impaired, which can reduce the engine’s performance and efficiency.

Diesel injector cleaner is added to the fuel tank along with the diesel fuel. It works by breaking down and removing any accumulated deposits or contaminants that may have built up in the fuel injectors over time. This can help to restore the performance and efficiency of the engine and reduce emissions.

Diesel injector cleaners are typically added to the fuel tank in small amounts, usually a few ounces per gallon of fuel. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the product, as using too much or using it improperly can potentially cause engine damage or other problems.


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