Comma THIS® Antifreeze

1. How to choose antifreeze?

The Radiator Coolant and the Antifreeze are both coolants. The Radiator Coolant is used in areas with temperatures above zero throughout the year. Antifreeze is used in areas with temperatures below zero and will not freeze. For specific usage, refer to the local minimum temperature as a reference.

THIS® coolant

2. What color coolant should I use?

The coolant itself is a colorless and transparent liquid. The reason why it is made into a colored liquid is to facilitate distinction and identification, and to prevent accidental ingestion and missed inspection. Performance and quality are unrelated to color. Adding the same color is recommended.

Coolant Tank Upper and lower limit marks

3. What is the correct amount of coolant to add

Generally, please follow the indicates on the tank. Make sure the amount is between the max and min.
Motorcycles recommend 2kg, cars and vans 4kg~6kg, and SUV models 6kg or more.